I commend IIME, Jaipur on its excellent initiative in bringing the age-old saga of this enterprising community to the people through a coffee table book.

Hamid Ansari, Vice-President of India.

In preparing the volume, Dr D.K. Taknet has done thorough and extensive research for which he deserves congratulations as well as the gratitude of the reader. The rare images, be they of the past or present, offer visual pleasure while the accompanying descriptions make for absorbing reading. The volume is as much a symbol of transformation underway in India as the innovative enterprises that Marwari entrepreneurs are pioneering every day.

Dr Arvind Panagariya, Vice Chairman, NITI Aayog, New Delhi.

I congratulate Dr D.K. Taknet on his commendable work that without any academic obfuscation offers a comprehensive account of the Marwari historic contributions.

Nirmala Sitharaman, Former Minister of State (IC), Commerce & Industry, Government of India.

In The Marwari Heritage, Dr D.K. Taknet has given a comprehensive account of the history and current achievements of this community. He has brought to light the little known facts about their contribution…His painstaking labour to reveal the history of community over several centuries and keen insights into their ethos are quite evident in this work. To my knowledge there is hardly any comparable work about any other community in India. This book is a source of knowledge for anyone interested in the contribution of the Marwaris in diverse fields of our national life.

Prof V.S. Vyas, Former Member, Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister.

The Marwari community is reputed for its business and community service…Dr Taknet has made a valuable contribution to the history of the Marwari community through his much researched work. I compliment him on this great task.

Prof Y. Sudershan Rao, Chairperson, ICHR, Government of India.

Dr D.K. Taknet’s many endeavours have resulted in unearthing an impressive wealth of information about the Marwaris, much of which would have been lost in the folds of history if it wasn’t for his penchant for extensive research and love of the community. The Marwari Heritage is aimed at bringing to light the community’s unsurpassable contributions towards the socio-economic development of the country. It is intended to be a visual treat with rare photographs and insights based on comprehensive research.

Maneck Davar, Editor, Marwar India, Mumbai.

Dr Taknet has written a well-researched history of the Marwari community in simple prose. It is easy to read and understand and fills many gaps in earlier studies on this subject with a refreshing new dimension on the community. A comprehensive, well-documented and beautifully illustrated book with rare visuals, it provides useful information on a subject about which very little has been written. Despite being a research study, it is extremely interesting and holds the attention of the readers from the beginning to the end.

Inder Sawhney, Chief of Bureau, Gujarat Samachar, New Delhi.

There is no doubt that the coffee table book is an extensively sourced and a richly produced addition to the increasing body of literature on the Marwari community…Nevertheless, if you like your dal-batti-churma dripping with ghee, The Marwari Heritage will be a valuable addition to your table.g body of literature on the Marwari community…Nevertheless, if you like your dal-batti-churma dripping with ghee, The Marwari Heritage will be a valuable addition to your table.

DNA, 10 January 2016.

Interspersed with liberal photographs, 100 coloured and 600 black & white, judiciously selected, the book is written in a simple, easy to read, format and a visual delight –not just for the students of business history but for anyone with an interest in the spread of economic and cultural growth in the country…What makes the book interesting is that the author does not limit himself to history.

Business India, 23 November 2015.