The pages of this art book present a wonderfully illustrated panorama of Pune through the ages. My warm congratulations to Dr D.K.Taknet and his team of research associates for providing such a treat to the eyes and food for the soul.

UDDHAV BALASAHEB THACKERAY, Chief Minister of Maharashtra

The great vision and ceaseless efforts of Dr D.K.Taknet and his research associates, are praiseworthy. Their sincere and dedicated endeavours backed by thorough and extensive research has made this great city shine in its glory with brilliance. They have done justice to the city’s greatness by highlighting its most significant facets through lucid content and rare visuals.

SHARAD PAWAR, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)

One can gather deeper insights into the charming mix of cultural heritage and contemporary modernization of the city in this book. The author has impeccably immortalized the glory and beauty of Pune by both, documenting authentically and depicting lucidly the rich history, glorious knowledge traditions and path-breaking social reforms of the city.”

Dr VINAY SAHASRABUDDHE, President, Indian Council for Cultural Relations & MP

This coffee table book is well produced and carefully documented with rare visuals, which provides valuable information on every aspect of life.


I, on behalf of Pune city, thank you for producing such a wonderful book…This superb book makes Pune come alive and is a fantastic store of information, much of which, I was completely unaware.

BIBEK DEBROY, Chairman, Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister

The book is most remarkable, since it captures the memorable heritage of Pune, while also creating a wonderful pictorial narrative of the modern urbanisation and growth. So it gives a perspective of the beautiful confluence of antiquity and modernity…There is a comprehensive collection of these makers of Pune, which is so valuable…The book is not just a must read or must see publication, but should be possessed as an invaluable gift.

Dr RAGHUNATH MASHELKAR, FRS, National Research Professor

This book not only captures the magic and beauty of the city through its many images over time and history, it also provides a deep and sensitive insight into its history, culture and changing characteristics. Dr Taknet captures it all. Eloquently.

PRITISH NANDY, Journalist, parliamentarian, media and television personality

An art piece which provides a deep insight into the evolution of this city through the ages. The book through the rich text and sketches offers the reader a wonderful learning experience of vivid facts of this city. I congratulate and applaud the efforts of Dr D.K. Taknet and his research team, and IIME, Jaipur… giving justice to the city’s illustrious glory and richness. This book is a perfect blend of text and rare visuals.

Dr N.R. KARMALKAR, Vice-Chancellor, SP Pune University

The present work approaches Pune from all possible perspectives — historical, cultural, social, political, religious and economic; that too academically and artistically. It does not miss any period whether ancient, medieval or modern. It has, so to say, unlocked the treasures called Pune. The choice of painting and photographs along with sufficient explanatory content deserves compliment.

SADANAND MORE, Chairman, Maharashtra State Board of Literature and Culture

I complement Dr D K Taknet for this outstanding book chronicling the rich heritage and history of Pune. The book also captures the transformation of the city of Pune from being the cultural capital of India to a modern metropolis with a vibrant industrial and technology ecosystem.

BABA KALYANI, Chairman & MD, Bharat Forge Ltd.

Dr Taknet has done a wonderful job capturing myriad of colours and shades of our Pune city…He has brought out the fact that Pune is a wonderful contrast carefully balancing the old and new, ancient and modern, traditional past along with the evolving future. The book is replete with images, through historical, architectural, political and geographical documentation. Dr Taknet takes you on an illustrative journey which undoubtedly is a testament of his extensive research done. To an outsider, the book is a mine of information about the city and its proud heritage.

DEEPAK CHHABRIA, Executive Chairman, Finolex Cables Limited