The author has made an attempt to provide a holistic perspective of Jaipur…The book makes an interesting read about Jaipur as it discusses the development works of the state government and highlights different fields where the city and its people have created a name for themselves…I congratulate the author for presenting a panoramic view of Jaipur covering almost all the dimensions which are of great interest to the readers as well as to those who do not know much about this beautiful city which is now heading towards marking a global footprint in several fields.

Ashok Gehlot, Chief Minister, Rajasthan.

While exploring the past, this book also slides into the present. The author has in great detail provided an account of Jaipur’s current social, economic and political scenario…In this book by Dr D.K. Taknet, Jaipur truly takes on an ethereal quality as a wonderful spread of visual and factual information spills out of every page. All this archived in a language and style that is accessible to all. The chapters in this book have been divided into the past, present and future, thereby scripting the journey from a heritage city steeped in royal traditions to the hi-tech city with a modern and flourishing economy. Though the task of recording and linking these elements in time has been difficult, given the richness of information, the author has tried his best to communicate them with utmost lucidity and comprehensiveness.

Princess Diya Kumari, The City Palace, Jaipur.

Dr D.K. Taknet, a renowned scholar and author, has undertaken this noble venture of bringing out a complete, encyclopaedic and all-encompassing study of the rich heritage of Jaipur. Replete with interesting anecdotes and legends, evocative images and photographs, and research material from myriad sources, the 300-year spectacular journey of this inimitable land is captured within the pages of this rich and dazzling extravaganza.

Devarshi Kalanath Shastry, Sanskrit School, Jaipur.