Dr D.K. Taknet has made a painstaking study of the Marwari community and the reasons for success of its members…The book provides useful information on a subject about which very little has been written.

Dr Bal Ram Jakhar, Speaker, Lok Sabha

What impresses me most about your work is its empirical richness which has lent immense credibility to your findings and conclusions. The treatment of the subject is quite extensive and takes into account the diverse factors underlying the remarkable achievements of Marwaris.

Dr L.K. Jha, Chief Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister

In our own country however, this subject has not received the attention it deserves. I, therefore, compliment Shri D.K. Taknet for having made an in-depth study of Marwari entrepreneurship.

Dr Manmohan Singh, Dy Chairman, Planning Commission

It is highly informative and throws light on an extremely interesting socio-historical aspect of our industrial development.

Dr C.H. Hanumantha Rao, Member, Planning Commission

The book presents excellent data of information on the great Marwari business houses…It has a remarkable and revealing chapter on the secrets of success of Shekhawati Marwaris and through several tables and maps enriches the reader with a wealth of information, literature unobtainable.

Dr A.M. Khusro, Chairman National Institute of Public Finance & Policy, New Delhi

Dr Taknet draws out the factors that have made the Marwaris what they are today. The volume is also the result of arduous and painstaking research into the traits of the pioneering community.

Abid Hussain, Member, Planning Commission

In his well-researched and exhaustively documented book, the author traces the progress of Shekhawati Marwaris over the centuries.

Financial Express, New Delhi

The author deserves credit for his courage in analysing the shortcomings of the community and what ought to be done to arrest its decline from a position of undisputed pre-eminence.

Business Standard, New Delhi

Taknet narrates the changing fortunes of Marwaris…interesting study of the nature and dynamics of Indian capitalism…Nevertheless, the book contains interesting facts about Marwari businessmen.

The Hindustan Times, New Delhi

Dr Taknet’s account provides some fascinating details about the Marwaris…Taknet furnishes some interesting details about how many Marwari financiers became so powerful that many kings and nawabs in North India and Bengal became dependent on them. Taknet’s brief and eulogistic narrations of some of the leading Marwaris bring out this bit quite prominently. Taknet’s study also highlights Gandhiji’s impact on some Marwari entrepreneurs.

Money Matters, New Delhi

Taknet’s work investigates primarily the rise of Shekhawati Marwaris and can be put into the first category. The author has divided the whole study into six chapters…A detailed discussion is presented on the economic, social and cultural contributions of the house of the Birlas, Singhanias, Bajajs, Dalmias and Podars.

The Economic Times, New Delhi