Dr Taknet’s is a reference work full of information about the industriousness and patriotism of the Birla family which is written in simple prose and is easy to read and understand. The present work, despite being a research study, is extremely interesting because of its style and is thus, a challenge to scholars in proving that authentic research works can also be an attractive and engaging read. The younger generation will definitely feel inspired by reading it and learning from it a lesson in dedication, industry, patriotism and true service of humanity.

Chidambaram, Minister of State for Commerce, Government of India

The book presents a graphic account of his life – an outcome of profound study and thinking. This research work will be of special help to scholars.

Karunakaran, Union Industry Minister, Government of India

A distinguishing characteristic of the book is that the author avoids exaggeration and the many interesting topics covered by the book makes it thoroughly readable.

Raja J. Chelliah, Chairman, National Institute of Public Finance Policy, New Delhi

Dipped into the book and found it most fascinating…He was truly a great man of this century.

Nani A. Palkhivala, Jurist, Mumbai

B.M. Birla was one of the few remarkable pioneers of Indian industry who conceived big ideas and pursued them to the stage of effective implementation…His son, GP furthered the tradition handed down by his father B.M. Birla.

Prof A.M. Khusro, Economist, New Delhi

Dr Taknet has done a commendable job in portraying the biography of Mr. Birla – the great son of India.

Deepak Banker, President FICCI, New Delhi

Dr Taknet has made his book readable through the qualities of substantial subject-matter, deep analysis of facts and extensive scholarship presented in a style at once authentic and simple, which holds the attention of readers from the beginning to end.

Khushwant Singh, Journalist, New Delhi

Dr Taknet’s well researched study has special significance in this thrust area. The author has highlighted the socio-economic contribution of Birla in a fascinating way…which makes the publication unique in both the economic and literary worlds.

 Prabhu Chawla, Editor-in-Chief & CEO, Financial Express